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Strategic Human Resources Solutions

HuMandala helps organizations through high level planning plus detailing that enables the integration of HR goals with business goals.

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Learning & Development (L&D)

HuMandala partners with organizations to cater to every need on its L & D curve - from problem definition to gap assessment to solution planning and implementation.

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Organization Development (OD)

When the health or mission of an organization is affected, HuMandala steps in with end-to-end OD solutions that deliver a seamless people-business integration.

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Recruitment and Staffing

HuMandala solutions use data and metrics to understand, recruit, manage and retain talent and helps organizations design an effective talent management strategy and implementation plan.

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What Clients Are Say?

"Loved your service. Your prompt responses and taking initiative with interview process really helped speed things up. Will definitely come back to you the next time we have requirments!"
Thanks a lot!..

Poorva Bapat

Software Machatronics

"HuMandala understood the phase and partnered with us to build our human resources capability brick by brick, and keep pace with the growth trends of the business. HuMandala owned the process and the set up maintaining the third partner distance and over the period set the HR processes and policies, facilitated hiring and training/capability building sessions for the HR personal."

Avinash Bhokare

Extrapreneurs India

"We have known HuMandala for over a year now. HuMandala has become an integral part of our recruitment process. HuMandala’s understanding of the exact requirements is quite remarkable. HuMandala realizes the time sensitiveness of the position and responds speedily. We look forward to engage with HuMandala for all the services HuMandala provides!"

Executive leadership

Ogee Studio