Certification Courses in HR

Where skilling and reskilling is given at most importance in todays Business world, skilling and carrying appropriate practical knowledge has become mandatory. Your degree certainly provides you knowledge on various topics and subjects making you understand various concepts, definitions, however the applicability is left to imagination and the experience you gain as a fresher. Off course your first insights through apprenticeship you undergo, and rest is followed by the final placement.

How about making more aware choice within the career of HR to start with. While every area of HR needs to be understood and experienced thoroughly making a rightful choice after understanding how the HR is actually executed would surely be a good idea.

While in the industry and through campus you shall get your internships, you will certainly have to make that extra effort to gain the work experience. Most of the companies provide internship projects to the students with superficial work and titles. There is a lot of help available within the departments to complete your project, but one needs to understand it. Our practical HR training certification courses help you to upgrade your expertise a notch further by delivering how the HR functions operates and application of various concepts, definitions, processes and strategies learnt by you while you do your MBA, how and where to apply them in your work.

Remember, every function of HR is crucial, and no work to start with, is big or small. The more hands-on you are, the more work you do from scratch, the better and seasoned HR professional you will be climbing that career ladder like a more confident leader. While every Manager is a Human Resources manager in himself and every HR is a Leader not by position but by role. In the era of innovation and start-ups every single set up needs a good HR Leader. And hence attending an additional Practical HR Certification Course is a good idea.

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While University curriculum emphasis on theoretical learning, our focus is on ability to apply learning from day 1. Our thorough and practical approach on executing every single function within HR ensures better fit to corporate expectations & ease in selection. At the same time our training also ensures reduced training costs for Organizations as the certified candidates are ready for job.

Values nurtured by us:

  • Better fit to corporate expectations-ease in selection
  • Build future safe career
  • Ability to be productive from Day-1
  • Reduced training cost
  • Job ready hires
  • Support from Industry experts
  • Better placements
  • Competitive advantage

Our Purpose:

Success of your business depends on people and we create tomorrow’s HR business partners though imparting practical HR trainings.

Targeted Learners:

Any student who is pursuing FY/SY/TY of there degree and looking forward for a good career break Freshers | B. Com | BBA’s | Business Graduates | MBA’s PG DBM’s | HR Enthusiastic | Junior HR Staff

Our Perspective:

Bridge learning gaps in between the theory learned and get first hand experience of how the theory is implemented in real HR in any organization.

Certification courses we offer in broad:

The syllabus mentioned above can be customized to modules as per the student and college.

Recruitment Certification (Talent Acquisition function)

What are the different aspects of Recruitment? What factors are considered before hiring.
Elaboration shall be on how functional expertise does, attitudes, approaches matter and considered while looking for a right fit towards achieving corporate goal and a best fit in culture as well.

Highlights of the course:

  • Your Talent Acquisition function
  • ABC’s of Recruitment
  • Strategic decisions & Policy guidelines in making
  • Recruitment, Is it a cost centre?
  • Industry application such as IT, Mfg, Banking, Telecom, BPO’s
  • How to apply Innovation?
  • Competencies required for the Role
  • Know Your Role as an HR as a Strategic Business Partner
  • Recruitment Consulting vs. Recruitment function
  • Latest trends & Technology
  • How to face challenges? How to take tough calls while hiring?
  • live case studies & Practical demonstrations

Syllabus (in brief):

1. Manpower planning

  • Raising of MRF’s
  • Manpower Budgets
  • JD’s & JS’s
  • Hiring Criteria’s
  • Sanctions & Requisitions
  • Importance of process & process flow
  • Formation of Forms, formats, guidelines & regulations
  • Strategic Policy guidelines

2. Sourcing

  • ABC’s of Sourcing
  • Objective behind the sourcing methodology
  • How to avoid costly mistakes
  • What and what nots of sourcing?
  • Methods of Sourcing
  • Smart search & Methodologies
  • How to be innovative?
  • Use of Portals & Social sites

3. Selection

  • Screening
  • Criteria’s & Technical aspects of screening
  • Methods of screening
  • Shortlisting
  • Scheduling
  • Hiccup’s & challenges
  • How to conduct HR Interviews?
  • Interview processes
  • Various stages of Interview
  • Selection & Fitment
  • Offer
  • Appointment

4. Administrative & Strategic Aspects of Recruitment

  • Policy Making
  • Checklists
  • 20 different Forms, Formats
  • 10 plus Process Flow charts
  • Letters & Agreements (including NDA’s)
  • Requisitions,
  • Different Trackers
  • Communication Samples
  • MIS
  • Negotiations,
  • Vendor management
  • Statutory deductions, TDS, GST Overview

Certification Course in Strategic Human Resources Management

Please note the course contents are strictly as per the industry working & practical guidelines designed & developed by highly experienced Experts in the field of Human Resources. The syllabus is designed to have hands on feel of work, which ultimately encourages, prepares students for better career opportunity. Contains no contents out of book and your curriculum.

Module 1 Core HR Function

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Communication
  • Employee Relations Management
  • Employee Rewards & Recognition
  • Employee joining & Induction
  • Employee Exit & Relieving
  • Employee Retention
  • Employee Disciplinary Action
  • POSH
  • HR MIS Dashboard

Module 2 Strategic Human Resources Management

  • Competency Mapping
  • Performance Management System
  • HR Policy Implementation
  • SWOT Analysis

Module 3 HR Administration

  • Day to day HR Activities
  • Employee Data Maintenance
  • Employee Personal files
  • Letters & Certificate processing
  • Attendance Management
  • Maintaining Leave Record
  • Employee Help Desk

Module 4 Compensation, Payroll Processing & Laws

  • Compensation structure
  • Design & components of Salary structure
  • Tax Planning Benefits
  • TDS Slabs
  • Tax filing
  • Labour Law applicable
  • PF & ESIC
  • Income Tax
  • Professional tax
  • Salary processing inputs & data
  • Payroll processing (real time exposure to the payroll software
  • Payroll processing in Excel, calculations

Module 5 Recruitment & Selection

  • Manpower Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Selection
  • Offer & Appointment

Module 6 Training & Development

  • TNI process
  • Bridging the performance gap through Training & Development
  • Training co-ordination
  • Methods of training
  • Resource allocation for training purpose
  • Training feedback
  • Training Evaluation
  • Training Effectiveness

Module 7 Tricks of the Trade/Special Gives/Wear your hat with Elan

  • Effective Communication skills
  • Personality Development
  • Body Language
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Interview Tips
  • Aptitude tests
  • Psychometric tests
  • Brain teasers
  • Resume formatting
  • Job assistance
  • Post training support provided regarding any HR issue (via email)