Custom-Built, Effective HR Advisory Services
for People and Business Goals

People and their performance is at the centre of business performance. HuMandala has helped organizations - the HR Teams, Line Managers and the Leadership attain objectives and results through HR Advisory Services in wide ranging areas such as legal, disciplinary, behavioural, performance and business.

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  •   HuMandala with its HR advisory has guided and implemented for its IT software service clients -'POSH - Policy on Harassment at Workplace’
  • HuMandala has provided HR advisory on several policy-making projects like maternity clause under the Maternity Act at the workplace.
  • HuMandala has provided expert guidance and advisory services to its IT clients in developing and implementing several HR policies such as Employee Misconduct and Disciplinary Action, Employee Leaves, Employee Exit, Joining and Induction, Reward Mechanism, KPA Setting and Appraisals, Organization Structure and Compensation Structures, to name a few.
  • HuMandala through proactive HR advisory support and cost-effective solutions round the year helped its IT client in building a strong HR team achieving a good retention which was otherwise a challenge for a growing setup. The support also included on-boarding and on-the-job training of the HR team.