Proactive Human Resources initiatives
& strategic HR Planning

Timely strategic Human Resources practices implementation and appropriate HR interventions can save organizations from making costly mistake. Typically, HR costs being hidden costs, these come to light only when you decide to unearth them.

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  • HuMandala’s keenness to details in audit conducted for a KPO client brought forward an erroneous and neglected policies which had accumulated an overhead of few lacs already. HuMandala’s HR advisory and recommendations helped the client bring down the cost to few thousands merely in a year.
  • HuMandala, through its proactive Human Resources practice implementation for its IT/software client made a significant saving over 45% of cost over the block of 3 years, not only proved importance of proactive people solutions but contributed significantly towards the Business goals.
  • ‘Your Remote HR’ another feather in our cap, have proven to be a guiding light for the growing organizations in terms of facilitating as a senior HR expert, continuous handholding thus saving organizations from making costly HR mistakes apart from ripping other benefits.